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Agencies of Record Becoming a Thing of the Past

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In 2023, various agencies celebrated successes, with major advertisers such as Verizon, General Mills, and Kimberly-Clark appointing new creative or media agencies of record, underscoring the enduring importance of the AOR relationship in the marketing landscape.

However, insights from marketing consultancy R3 revealed a 29% decline in media pitches YoY in the US. While creative pitches increased by 45%, the revenue generated from these pitches remained nearly unchanged. Moya Fry, a senior global consultant at R3, suggested that the demand for specialized agencies has risen, driven by the growing significance of technologies like TikTok and AI. This shift is evident in marketers opting for specific partners with expertise rather than relying on the traditional AOR model.

Several factors, including the pandemic and economic uncertainties, have prompted marketers to reassess their agency requirements. Three key considerations emerged: consolidation, creativity, and cost-cutting.

Consolidation is anticipated to be a prominent theme in 2024, as specialized agencies catering to specific use cases gain traction. However, the proliferation of such agencies has introduced complexities in managing multiple partners. New agency structures, like the X&O model, offer project-based engagements and flexibility, addressing the evolving needs of brands.

Creativity has become a focal point for brands evaluating AORs, with concerns about agencies becoming complacent. Communication gaps between agencies and clients were identified as a potential cause for agency reviews, as clients seek partners who are more motivated and aligned with their creative vision.

Cost-cutting emerged as another concern, with agency reviews being a resource-intensive process. Marketing budgets, which saw a reduction during the pandemic, remain constrained. The duration and effort involved in reviews, which can take six to seven months, contribute to increased costs and disrupt daily operations.

In response to these challenges, the industry is witnessing a shift toward online reviews and the exploration of alternative agency structures to better align with the evolving needs of brands.


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